Restrial Life Yoga Inversion Bench- Headstand Bench for Home & Gym, Relieve Stress, Strengthen Core, Improve Sleep & Digestion




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Brand Name: Restrial Life
Product name: Yoga Headstand Bench
Color: black / white / jet set / walnut black / garden green / mystic sea / paprica / grape juice
Material: wood, vegan leather, high-density polyurethane foam pad
Product packaging sizedimensions: 63*57*9 cm or 24.8*22*3.5 inch
Product dimensions: 63*41*34 cm or 24.8*16.1*13.38 inch
Net weight: 4.6 kg or 10.14 lbs.
Gross weight: 5.2 kg or 11.46 lbs.
Carrying Load-bearing weight: 150 kg (330 lb.)
Scope of use: yoga studio, gym, bedroom, living room, balcony, backyard, garden, office, outdoors.

6 Reasons To Do A Headstand with Restrial Life headstand chair:
①Avoid neck injury
②Achieve one of your New Year's resolutions (master headstand) in 1 day
③Calm the mind
④Boost blood circulation and promote balance
⑤Relieve stress and tension
⑥Strengthen the upper body, spine, and core

✡Keep your practice space open and clean
✡Warm-up before doing a handstand
✡For beginners, it is advised to have a companion to assist you
✡Do not practice within 2 hours after a meal or after drinking lots of liquid
✡Time your inversion to make sure you do it for short periods
✡Patients with hypertension and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should attempt inversions only under the guidance of your clinic
✡If you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately!
✡Stretch after a handstand for better blood circulation, do not rest right after

Have you always wanted to do a headstand but could never build up strength and mobility OR have you never felt safe or confident? Try Restrial Life Headstand Bench and check off inversion from your new year's resolution list right away. Our yoga bench can assist you into an inversion safely and effortlessly
Stable & comfortable: wood frame in rounded rectangular shape holds up to 330 lbs; non-slip pads at the bottom give you extra safety assurance on the inversion stool; 2.5-inch cushion relieves pressure on the neck & shoulder when doing a headstand
Beginner-friendly: the yoga stool is a perfect headstand trainer for beginners: follow the instruction to learn yoga inversion(Shirshasana) in 4 steps; the detachable block can also be used as a yoga brick for other yoga poses
Multiple benefits: practicing a headstand promotes blood circulation and balance, relieves stress and tension, strengthens the upper body, spine, and core, and even improves sleep & digestion
Reliable: Restrial Life inversion bench has sold over 10,000 pieces worldwide with 95% 4&5-star reviews. If you have any questions about the yoga inversion chair, please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours

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