QIANRENON Kitchen Grocery Plastic Bag Holder and Dispenser, Waterproof Washable Wall Mount Folding Mesh Storage Bag 2 Pack Black





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Specification: Material: Mesh cloth Size: 37.5 * 16cm Colour: Black.How to use the sticky hook(NOT INCLUDED): 1. Tear off the film; 2. Paste on the wall, cabinet, kitchen door, bathroom, etc; 3. Fix it firmly to keep it stable.The mesh storage bag is a super good kitchen helper to keep your clean plastic bag for reuse.Great for recycling and organizing.Ideal for storing plastic bags, shopping bags etc.In order to ensure a good effect of hook sticking, please follow the following tips: 1. Wipe the wall clean before sticking. before sticking the hook, you must wipe the wall clean with a damp cloth to remove dust, and then wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth (or paper towel). Dust and moisture on the wall will greatly damage the adhesion of the hook and cause the hook to fail. 2.After the pasting is completed, please press the hook with your hand for at least 1 minute (of course, in theory, the longer the better). Make sure that the sticky substance is fully bonded to the wall.3.Please do not hang heavy objects immediately. Under normal circumstances, after I glue the hook, I leave the hook and the wall alone for at least 24 hours. If I want a good effect, 48 hours is better. Features: 1. Organize your luggage neatly and put all the items in one place, which can save a lot of time when you need it. 2. The plastic bag holder is made of high-quality waterproof mesh and has extremely durable stitches. 3. Simply wrap the bag around your finger once, then load the bag from the top, place one bag on the other, and then easily pull it out from the bottom. 4. In addition to plastic bags, you can also use it to store small towels, rags, socks or any small and light objects.Package included: 2 x Black Storage Bags.
Before purchasing, please carefully confirm whether the size of 37.5cm x 16 cm (14.7inch x 6.3 inch) is what you need.☆ High Quality: made of high-quality mesh cloth, with extremely durable stitches, will be used for a long time.
☆ Multi-purpose: Hanging design can be hung in hooks, walls, cabinets,kitchen doors, bathrooms, closets, kitchens, utility rooms, and store and reuse plastic bags, clean rags, socks, small towels and other small things.
☆ Hanging Design: Grocery storage bag with hanging design, put the plastic bag in the dispenser at the top and take it out from the bottom to make full use of the vertical space.
☆ Easy to Use: The grocery bag dispenser has a cylindrical shape and an elastic bottom hole that allows you to load the bag from the top.
☆ Portable: Foldable without assembly, easy to carry.

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