Ocarina, THE M LISHA Instrument 12 Hole Alto C w/Song Book, Protective Bag, Cord, Green




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WHY CHOOSE 12-Hole Ocarina :

✔Suitable for most people:
Prevent senile dementia for old people; Exercise finger flexibility, develop intelligence and coordination for children;Have more friends with similar interests for people who like music;Ideal as a gift for someone who would like to get into music, but fears the implications of taking up more complex instruments

✔ Beautiful Sound:
Fully chromatic ocarina can make beautiful and natural sound
✔More Clear & Accurate Tones:This is better in tune, easier to place fingers, produces better sound, including the higher notes, not only easier for beginners to learn, but also a better choice for professionals

✔ A distinctive instrument:
If you are tired of listening to piano, violin, guitar and other popular instruments, the ocarina is a refreshing change for you

✔Easy to carry :
About the size of a mobile phone, no matter when you are in a bad mood, or when you travel, you can take it with you

✔Pitch :
A4-F6 including sharps and flats

Package Includes:
-1 x Ocarina
-1 x Necklace Strap
-1 x Protective Bag
-1 x Song book

Improve Multiple Skills — It is a perfect instrument tool for practicing articulations, rhythm, speed, note transition and different music styles. When you play the ocarina for a long time, you will find that vital capacity and finger sensitivity will be improved a lot
Easy To Play — Without any music basis, only 10 minutes to learn a song because of the music sheet have very visual instructions which made it very easy to pick up and start playing. Best festival gift for kids, adults, old,beginners, professionals and bands
4 in 1 — It comes with a fingering chart and a song book to practice, necklace strap to have the instrument around your neck, a nice carrying case
Portable Wind Instrument — Unlike other large instruments, ocarina can be carried around, portable for performance, recording, family, outdoor, school, party, and relaxation

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