Kit for Floor Shower Chip Porcelain Tub Repair Crack Tile Repair Kit Ceramic and Tools & Home Improvement Drywall




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2. Mix together on a scrap of cardboard.
Non-hazardous and no unpleasant smell, and washable.
3. Apply mixture to damaged area with wooden tool and make it smooth. Waiting 24h for compeletly dry.
1. The curing time will vary slightly with temperature. The lower the temperature, thelonger the curing time. Generally the curing time is 24 hours.
2. Be sure to mix Part A and Part B thoroughly to achieve the desired repair results.
Applicable objects: basin, toilet, bathtub, ceramic tile, porcelain, etc.
Our fiberglass tub repair kit saves you expensive fees from repair shops. Whether you want to your chipping acrylic and porcelain bathtub, enamel sink, or fiberglass tile, our tub repair kit is the best option. Our bath repair kit works well with any bathtub paint. Long-lasting repair result.
3. If the repaired area is too dirty, clean it first.
1. Remove the Part A and Part B with wooden tool on the scale of 1: 1.
Use to repair chips, scratches, and defects. Can work on fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic, enamelled steel and enamelled iron.
2x Ceramic repair paste
It has very strong adhesion and can be barely detected, just after several simple steps. Water , stop leaks and durable epoxy acrylic provides a high gloss finish to make surfaces look newer.
4. Using the sandpaper to smooth the repaired area. Done!

100% epoxy resin
4. Using The Sandpaper To Smooth The Repaired Area. Done!
2. Mix Together On A Scrap Of Cardboard.
1. Remove The Part A And Part B With Wooden Tool On The Scale Of 1: 1.
Use To Repair Chips, Scratches, And Defects. Can Work On Fiberglass, Acrylic, Ceramic, Enamelled Steel And Enamelled Iron.
Applicable Objects: Basin, Toilet, Bathtub, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain, Etc.

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