Inuyasha 17 oz chibi water bottle, This Water bottle featuring all chibi art




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A GIFT FIT FOR A PRIESTESS: Bring out your inner demon with this water bottle featuring all chibi art. Be like Inuyasha and train to defeat demons and finding the remaining jewel shards, shattered by Kagome. Use this set to fill with all of your refreshments
DEFEAT THE DEMONS: As Inuyasha and Kagome prepare to fight the likes of Naraku in their efforts to recover the Shikon Jewel, enjoy drinks with friends by using these mini glasses! Use this bottle for your next social gatherings
THE POWER OF A JEWEL SHARD: Inuyasha, being a half demon, has moments where he becomes human and easy to damage, care for this bottle like Kagome does for him. Much like Inuyasha’s Tessaiga, this bottle is not impervious to the elements so be like Totosai and take care of it
MASTER THE TESSAIGA: Our bottle holds up to 17 oz for all of your cold beverages. Perfect for working out or sitting at home and watching your favorite band of adventurers in action. As nymbol as Inuyasha is, even half demons need to hydrate
TOTOSAI APPROVED: Inuyasha merchandise, perfect for gift giving. One 17 oz bottle imported. Ages 14+

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