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Product descriptionBalance and harmony are crucial to a life well-lived.However, all of us are bombarded daily with stress, fatigue, and worry. These damaging energies dim our spirit and light, causing a plague of issues like nightmares, sleepless nights, and body pains.Breaking free of negative forces is a matter of rebalancing one’s self and unblocking your energy centers. It’s a difficult journey that can be made easier with the right tools to guide you.Shed negativity and find inner peace with HealingWaves’ Tibetan Singing Bowl Set.Our singing bowl produces a multi-layered, low-pitched sound that resonates with your body’s internal frequency, promoting wellness and helping manage stress. Find solace in the clear, rich tones of our handmade Nepalese bowls.
VERSATILE USES : The sound of the singing bowls has calming effects and provides one with clarity and peace of mind. It also aids in logical thinking and can be used for meditation, yoga, and reiki sessions. This Tibetan bowl sets healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and many other diseases.
RELAXING AND DEEP SOUNDS : Meditation bowl helps you to heal, defeat disease, lower pain levels, while releasing positive energy. Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronize with the perfect resonance of the bowls. You can easily play peaceful and mesmerizing tones on this unique Tibetan singing bowl to create a type of energy medicine that reduces stress and promotes spiritual,.
IDEAL SIZE TO BRING ANYWHERE : This singing bowls meditation set is compact and can easily travel with you everywhere. Bring to yoga classes, the office or retreats. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet sings with pure, layered tones.

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