halo, 13 gallon/49 L, Stainless Steel/Black Trim TapCan Automatic Trash Can with Deodorizer





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No ordinary step trash can, TapCan is a fully automatic trash can with sophisticated, patented pedal sensor technology that gives you precise control. Just a tap on the pedal is all it takes! The lid will automatically open for you. No need to hold down on a heavy Petal as you strain to keep the lid open – let tap can do the work for you. It's the low-impact, ergonomic trash can designed to support your healthy and active lifestyle. Your trash can is one of the most used appliances you own. All of that time spent stepping down on and holding a heavy pedal may contribute to lumbar (lower back) strain. TapCan eliminates that strain. Its brushed stainless steel finish is bacteria resistant too, making TapCan the most hygienic trash can available. Unlike ordinary step trash cans that have noisy lids that slam open and shut, this automatic trash can provides a silent and gentle lid open and close with just one tap on the pedal. Need to scrape food off of Plates or other long disposals double tap on the pedal and the lid will remain open for exactly five minutes. Designed in silicon Valley by houseware industry experts, TapCan was developed after years of market experience and research into ergonomic design. TapCan is full of premium features not found on ordinary trash cans. The activated carbon odor filter system neutralizes trash odors the natural way (1 free filter included). a trash bag retainer ring keeps full trash bags from falling into the can. Air vents at the base of the can prevent suction and make bag removal effortless. Lightweight and space-saving design and a convenient carry handle for easy mobility. The energy-efficient central control unit goes into Hibernation mode when not in use, extending the life of the batteries up to 2 years. Go battery-free with an optional AC adapter (sold separately). available in three trim color options to match any decor. Customer service number: 1 – (844) – 660-7978
Smart tap technology offers convenient functions
Brushed fingerprint-proof stainless steel finish is smudge-resistant and easy to clean
Space-efficient design with large 49 Liter/13 gallon capacity
Odor-stopping natural Carbon filter keeps surroundings fresh & clean
Your choice of three trim colors: black, red, or White
Power source type: AC or DC

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