ESK Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Set of 7 for Meditation- Himalayan Singing bowls, ESK 11




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Singing bowls from ESK group are a type of bowls that helps in promoting relaxation. These bowls come with a mallet that hits or spheres around the bowl to produce vibration with soothing sounds. Those vibrations and soothing sounds help you calm down and relax. Singing bowls are very popular in Tibetan culture and its neighbouring areas. Many people undergo sound therapy to reduce several health complications like pain, blood pressure, respiratory rate, anger, depression, etc. Generally, sound therapy using a singing bowl is an age-old practice. They are great for practising meditation as the bowls hold several useful healing properties. Traditionally, these singing bowls prevail in metal alloys or crystal. They produce a deep and rich tone when circled by a mallet. Additionally, many wellness enthusiasts, including yoga therapists, music therapists, use singing bowls during their intervention service. The vibration produced by the singing bowl while circled by the mallet affects both the senses and body. The sound works in favour of inducing relaxation by influencing the brain waves. Like any other music, it offers psychological effects on the mind and soul and further benefits relaxing the disturbed being. Besides, by interlinking with reducing stress and anxiety, it favourably supports having a sound sleep. In the combo, you get seven singing bowls with seven mallets plus seven cushions. Along with this, it includes a brocade case to nest bowls and one prey flag that weighs 2.6 kgs. They come in varying sizes between 2.25 to 5 inches.
●Size available between 2.25-inches to 5-inches
●It comes in a set of 7 sizes singing bowls with 7 mallets and 7 Cushions
●It has a Brocade Case to nest bowls and a prayer flag that weighs about 2.6 kg
●The Singing Bowl also serves as a meditation bowl

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