Design Trend Silver Stainless Steel Rectangular Trash Can with Lid and Step Pedal | 15 L





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With a stainless steel body and lid, this step trash can presents a durable and functional way to dispose of trash in the kitchen, garage, office or patio. Instead of an open, plastic trash can, this offers a clean design as to not sacrifice the stylistic appeal of your home. This trash can opens easily with a light step on the foot pedal, which is located at the bottom-front of the can. Using this handy feature will not only keep your hands clean but also free them up as you multitask. The mechanism for the foot pedal is located in the back of the trash can and allows for a soft-closure effect. This soft-closure will not only spare your ears but help prevent the mechanism from malfunctioning. The 15L bucket provides an ample amount of disposal space, without becoming bulky. This bucket will prevent leaks and spills within the can itself-making the cleaning process super simple. The bucket can be fully-removed from the can and has a metal handle for easy carrying. The back of the trash can also has a handle for increased mobility. When disposing of items or taking out the trash, lightly push the open lid back to activate the locking system. This will keep the lid open for you and free-up an extra hand. Unlike its plastic counterparts, this stainless steel trash can has easy up-keep. The outside can be cleaned with a damp cloth and won’t chip or discolor. This step trash can is a great option for anyone looking for a convenient way to dispose of trash, without compromising the style of the room.
this step trash can provides an ample amount of capacity without taking up too much space-a well-rounded option for any home.
stainless steel body with step-to-open mechanism.
use as the perfect-sized trash can for the kitchen, garage or patio.
fully-removable 15l bucket with handle and stay-open technology.
18.3” h x 11.4” d x 11.2” w; 15 l (3.96 g) capacity

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