Design Trend Silver Small Stainless Steel Rectangular Trash Can with Lid for Bathrooms | 6 L





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The perfect fit for the bathroom, underneath the breakfast bar or the office, this slim trash can proves to be a great space-saver. Its shining characteristics include its high-quality materials, low profile and easy-to-use features. The body is made of high-quality stainless steel, a great investment for your home. Inside is a fully-removable 6L bucket with a metal handle for ease of carrying. This bucket prevents leaks inside the can itself and is easy to clean. To open this trash can, all you have to do is step lightly onto the foot pedal and then release to close the lid. This lid is also equipped with soft-closure to reduce unnecessary noise. The opening mechanism is located in the back, which is left without ledges or overhangs. This allows the can to sit as close to the wall as possible and maximize available space. A built-in handle in the back allows for mobility as well. This slim trash can would be specifically great for smaller spaces with limited room. The low profile could fit underneath a desk or underneath a beverage station. It could also fit between the fridge and kitchen cabinets or between the toilet and sink. Apartments and dormitories will find this trash can to be the perfect balance of capacity, compact size and functionality.
This slim trash can’s unique design provides a waste disposal solution that saves space and is easy to use.
Features a stainless steel trash can with an interior step-to-open mechanism.
Use as a sleek waste disposal option for the bathroom, hobby room or beverage station.
Fully removable bucket with handle makes taking out the trash super convenient.
6.3” H x 11.8” W x 15.0” D ; 6 L (1.5 G) capacity

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